Securing the Invisible Ecosystem of Non-Human Identities

As we witness an unprecedented growth in non-human identities, including API keys, tokens, secrets, and service accounts, the cybersecurity landscape undergoes a profound transformation.

These entities, scattered across diverse platforms, from cloud workloads and SaaS to on-prem networks, have shifted the risk paradigm. No longer is the human element the sole focus; the machine has become the new frontier of vulnerability.

In response, Clutch offers an innovative groundbreaking platform, tailored to secure and manage this complex, evolving realm end-to-end.

Stay tuned. Something big is coming...

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Meet the Team

Brought to life by seasoned cybersecurity experts, Clutch marks the apex of years in digital defense.
Our founders, with a wealth of experience from leading disruptive tech companies, have spearheaded incident response for Fortune 500 firms against complex threats and built enterprise platforms that manage assets on a grand scale.

Their diverse expertise fuels Clutch's innovation, crafting a platform deeply rooted in industry knowledge, tailored for securing modern enterprises in the digital age.

Ofir Har-Chen


Ofir's career began at one of Israel's largest VARs, honing skills across enterprise security technologies.

He then moved to Sygnia (a part of Team8) to lead Incident Response and preemptive  engagements for F500 companies, managing complex large-scale breach remediations.

As COO at Hunters, he directed strategic initiatives and led development and customer-facing teams on a global scale.

Sagi Haas


Sagi started his career in one of 8200's elite cybersecurity units, quickly rising to leadership roles through innovative and strategic contributions, earning the Excellence Award from the Israeli Intelligence Corps.

After the military, he joined Axonius, quickly advancing to R&D director as he led the development of its modern infrastructure and SaaS offerings, significantly contributing to product expansion.

Tal Kimhi


Tal's career began at 8200, focusing on cybersecurity research and development. Afterwards, he joined Axonius, where his leadership proved pivotal as he led architectural design and development, with a focus on backend teams to support enterprise-scale solutions.

His contributions were instrumental in shaping the product's architecture, ensuring scalability, and addressing the challenges of enterprise customer needs.

Nir Polak


Nir was formerly co-founder and CEO at Exabeam and has more than 18 years of experience in information security, including executive experience setting company strategy, driving execution, building new products, and bringing them to market.

Prior to Exabeam, Nir set the company product strategy, and launched and managed the worldwide services organization at cybersecurity firm Imperva.

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